Studies on Hanji’s Fundamental Properties

As a participating company in the Hanji Quality Labeling System, we are equipped with cutting-edge equipment to measure tensile strength, porosity, bursting strength, folding strength, and tearing strength. Furthermore, we have been continuing our research on the fundamental properties of Hanji.

Research on the Effects of Mulberry Tree Extraction

We have conducted research on the mulberry tree extract and proved its anti-inflammatory, anti-atopic, and antibacterial effects. In particular, results revealed that the extract has a far more potent effect than the atopic creams in the market. Our research on the mulberry tree continues as we utilize its extract as natural biomedicine.

Natural Extract Products R&D

We have used the mulberry tree extract in launching various products for sensitive skin, such as mulberry tree natural soap, natural cosmetics, and natural body products, and we are continuing our research to develop products in various areas.