MFS Mulberry Forest Soap


Natural handmade soap containing mulberry tree extract. The hanji soap is made from the traditional hanji material, silk created by silkworms that thrive off of mulberry trees.

Since ancient times, mulberry has been used as a treatment for itchiness and skin diseases. The mulberry tree is effective against atopy and has additional itchiness relief and detoxification effects.

This natural soap is used for brightening, antibacterial acne treatment, wrinkle reduction, detoxification, and softening of the skin.

No harmful substances or chemicals are added, so you can use it for your face and body everyday, without worrying about irritation.

Those with sensitive skin, children and the elderly can all use it safely. 

*Patent: Anti-inflammatory and atopic relief powder, combined with skin relief medicine, soap and interior design material

*Approved by the FDA

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