Founded in 2014 by ChunYang Paper, with an office headquartered in New Jersey, USA, it is loved by customers for its continuous growth and display of various products, and is parallel with in-store consumers who have purchased such products, exported from Korea.

Online companies such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart are expanding our business to greater lengths.

We treat you like our family, offering the best natural, organic and eco-friendly products at the best prices.

Our mission is to contribute to a healthy society by becoming a leading company of eco-friendly products.

Using mulberry trees, the world's only source for hanji, a traditional type of paper common in Korea, we sell daily necessities, such as hygiene products, organic foods, and cosmetics as our flagship items.

The online shop also imports and sells organic Korean specialties. In addition, the hygiene product 'Hanji Mask,' made out of the Korean paper hanji, is being successfully distributed throughout the United States.

In addition, we plan to develop and sell a variety of household goods using the raw materials commonly used in Korean paper.

A 56-year-old company that continues the tradition and creates the future.

Possessing technology & R&D

  • Patents on anti-inflammatory, immunity improvement, and antibacterial research results
  • Development of technological convergence that combines hanji with various herbs
  • Commercialization of mulberry extract with continuous research
  • Persistent goal of natural drug development

Quality system

  • Experience in R&D center operations, and various certifications/ecolabels from organizations including the FDA
  • Compliance with the customer's desired quality and delivery time without affecting the overall quality of the product
  • Complete success of developing new products
  • Building a system that can produce products of consistent, but high quality
  • Research and development of new material qualities such as biodegradable and leather substitutes